Blow molding machinery

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Blow molding machinery

Hollow molding (also known as blowing mold), not only can produce bottle only a few milliliter, also can produce barrel of hundreds of litres or special-shaped products such as auto parts. It is widely used in the production of various grades of beverage bottles, fruit bottle, ice hose, medicine bottles, cosmetics, shampoo bottle, tool box, plastic water bottles, hollow toys, pesticide bottle, bottle, oil barrel, etc.

Process of blow molding

Extruded semi-molten parison by extrusion device; When the parison reaches a certain length, the mold will be moved to surround the parison until total close, then slicer cut off the parison; The mold moved to the blow molding station, and the air blow rod enters the mould to blow air; The product is formed after the air pressing the parison and force it cling mould inner wall; Cooling and forming; Open the mould and take out the products; Edge trimming.

Machine pictures:

Blow molding products:



More details:

SLB model blow molding machine is normally used for plastic hollow less than 2 litre, with automatic edge cutting, half hydraulic machine control system.

SLBC model blow molding machine is used for big size plastic hollow product, like big chemical barrel, hollow chair, huge slide, car parts,etc.

SLX Model blow molding machine is suitable for plastic hollow product less than 10 litre, very suitable for condition of many product but only need few amount. Machine controlled by hydraulic and air control system, and no auto edge cutting.

SLBK model blow molding machine is normally used for hollow product less than 5 litre, according to product it may able to equipped with serveral mould, machine equipped with auto edge cutting, totally controlled by hydraulic system.

SLBU model blow molding machine is suitable for 2-10 litre hollow product, hydraulic control to edge cutting, Full hydraulic curved arm type with superlocking force, center lock system, servo control energy saving.