Bubble film machine

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Bubble film machine


Bubble film machine

Technical Parameters

Products produced: Polyethylene Bubble Film

Raw material: LDPE

Width of Product: 1500mm

Film structure: 2 layers

Extrusion capacity (max): 65kg/h

Designed linear speed (max): 15-20m/min

Total power: 70kw

Power supply: 380V/3phase/4lines/50Hz (Please confirm)

Weight: 4500kg

Dimension: 10.0*4.0*2.6m (L*W*H)


Equipment specifications

1 EXTRUDER PART 1 set Output:65kg/h
Screw dia.: Ф80mmL/D: 30:1

Screw & barrel material: 38 CrMoAlA after nitrogen treatment with optimum hardness, strong corrosion resistance and long service lifetime

Speed adjustment: Frequency inverter

Drive motor power: 22kw

Heating way: aluminum-casted heater

Heating zone: 4 zones, Auto-temperature

Heating power: 16.5kw

2 NET CHANGING PART 1 set Automatic Motor: 1.1kw
Heating power: 3kw
3 T-DIE PART 1 sets Film(sheet) structure: 2 layer ( flat film + air bubble film)
Width: 1650mmProduct width: 1500mm

Heating way: Aluminum-casted heater

Heating zone: 5 zones, Auto-temperature

Heating power: 21kw

7 AIR BUBBLE FORMING ROLLER 2 set Width: 1600mm
Diameter: Ф253mm Molding way: volume minus pressure molding

Cooling way: by water

Speed adjustment: frequency inverter

Drive motor power: 1.1kw

Two Air bubble spec.: Ф10×3.2(mm) and Ф6×2.8(mm) or made as per customer’s requirement

8 COOLING TRACTION PART 1 set Cooling roller: Ф216mm * 2
Silicon rubber roller dia.: Ф216mm Flat roller: Ф108mm * 5

Traction Motor: 1.1kw

Unit Driving Motor: 0.55kw

9 WINDING PART 1 set Winding way: automatic collecting
Winding motor: moment electrical motor winding motor power: 1.1kw * 2

working position: double station

10 OTHERS:   Machine size: 10.0m x4.0m x2.6m
Machine weight: 4.5Ton Power supply: 380v/3phases/4lines/50hz
11 Electronics   Inverter: Eura
Motor: SIEMENSTemperature controller:huibang

A.C. Contract: SIEMENS

Other electronics: CHINT (CHINA)


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