Plastic cup production line

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Plastic cup production line

Plastic cup production line

(This list is made to suggest entire line of plastic cup making. Including: Sheet Making, Cup Making, Cup Stacking and Recycle) About capacity: Different size with different capacity,Different model supply with different capacity.

Example 1: Ø75mm (Round cup upside dia) Machine capacity: 14 cups/mould;    24~28 recycles/minute Estimated capacity: 14*24*60≈20,000 cups/hour

Example 2: Ø85mm (Round cup upside dia) Machine capacity: 12 cups/mould;    22~26 recycles/minute Estimated capacity: 12*23*60≈16,000 cups/hour PLASTIC SHEET EXTRUDER (For PP, PS Sheet Making)


The machine is designed to produce plastic sheet for thermoforming/vacuum forming purpose or stationery use, which is composed of 7 parts – extruder part, filter part, Die-head part, 3 rollers part, traction part, winding part and side trimming part.

Major Specification:

Machine name: plastic sheet extrusion line

Model No.: JDSP-105

Applicable Material: PP (polypropylene) or PS (polystyrene). If use PS material, should add 2 thermostat on the cooling roller



Hopper: 1 set

Output: 125kg/h

Screw dia.: Ф105 L/D: 30:1

Screw & barrel material: 38 CrMoAlA after nitrogen treatment with optimum hardness, strong corrosion resistance and long service lifetime

Screw rotate speed: 0-70r.p/min

Speed adjustment: Frequency inverter

Drive motor power: 37.0kw

Heating way: aluminium-casted heater

Heating power: 30.0kw

Gear box: hard-toothed


2. FILTER PART: 01 set


Worm-gear case: 1 pc

Filter size: 200mm x 40 mm

Net dia.: Ф3-3.5mm

Heating power: 5kw

Net change: by motor changing/replacement Limit switch/board: 1pc


3. DIE HEAD PART: 01 set


Sheet structure: 1 layer

T-die design: like cloth-hanger, enable the melting material be flowed evenly from the outlet.

Die head Width: 750mm

Finished sheet width: 660mm

sheet thickness: 0.3-1.5mm

Heating way: Aluminum-casted


3 ROLLERS PART: 01 set


Roller dia.: 300mm

Roller length: 750mm

Roller no.: 3 pcs Rollers reach to “mirror surface” standard

3 rollers layout: inclined Roller

linear speed: 0-13m/min

Driving motor: 4.0kw

Roller part movement: by motor, 1.1kw


5. TRACTION PART: 01 set


Traction roller dia.: Ф160mm

Traction roller length: 750mm

Traction motor power: 2.2kw

Speed adjustment: frequency inverter

Cooling roller dia.: Ф65mm


6.WINDING PART: 01 set

Winding rubber roller: 1 pc

Flat roller: 1 pc

Winding motor power: 1.5kw

Finished roll max.dia.: 710mm



Trimming knife: 2 pcs

Bracket traction length: 2.8m




Machine size: 12.0mx3.8mx2.2m

Machine weight: 11.0T

Power supply: 380v/3phase/4lines/50hz(Or customized!)

9.Machine picture:



Main Technical Parameters:

sheet width:500-660mm

sheet thickness:0.2-1.5mm

Max. Forming Area:640×240mm

Max. Forming Depth: 120mm

Max. Diameter of Sheet Roll: 700mm

Main Motor Power: 7.5kw

Winder Motor:0.55kw

Heating Power: 64kw

Sheet Feeding Motor: 2.2kw

Working Gas Pressure:0.7Mpa



Weight:4.2T Power Supply: 380/3/4/50(Volt/Ph/Line/Hz)

Mould Picture is as above. The mould depends on the client’s sample.

Air Compressor

technical parameters:

Volume flux: 3.0m³/m

Air pressure: 0.8Mpa

Axis power: 18.5kw


Grinder (For Recycle)

technical parameters

motor power: 15kw width: 650mm

output: 100kg/h

size: 1.5×1.2×1.85(m)

weight: 1.0T

II. Machine picture:

JDM-1000 Mixer

technical parameters:

dia: ¢1000mm

motor power: 1.1kw

size: 1.0×1.0×1.2(m)

weight: 0.3T

Full-automatic Cups Piling Up Machine

Technical parameters:

Overall power:0.65kw




Power supply:380/3/4/50(Volt/Ph/Line/Hz)


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