Stretch Film Co-extrusion Line

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Stretch Film Co-extrusion Line

Stretch Film Co-extrusion Line



Machine complete set hardware parts build with high quality material, which makes the whole machine into a strong/stable running condition;


Screw length and diameter ratio: 30:1, for perfect Plasticizing advantage;


Ceramic heater in screw performs long life;


T-DIE Make by our own branch Company in Shaoxing, dedicated mould material, makes the film thickness even and 100% longer using life than normal market model.


Automatic cutting & winding system, for saving labor cost;


Project for buyer with engineer’s visit to Buyer’s factory for installation and technical guide, support & training.

安排技术员去负责机器的安装、调试及技术指导. 保障机器的正常运行



Technical Parameters

Products produced: PE Stretch Film

Width of film:1000mm(500mm×2 rolls)

Thickness of film: 2-layer:10-50 micron

Raw material: LLDPE

Working capacity :80kg/h.

Working linear speed (Max): 65-85m/min.

Power supply: 380V/3phase/4lines/50hz (Please make a confirm)

设 备 规 格 Equipment specifications









1 JDSJ-80/60 single screw extruder A# 1台


–螺杆直径Screw Dia Meter: 80mm
–螺杆材料Screw material: 38CrMoAl,–经抛光,氮化处理nitrogen surface, polish treated.–螺杆转速Screw rotate speed: 0-80r.p/min–主电机AC main motor power:30KW–减速箱:高强度,硬齿面Gearbox Use high-strength hard-surface reduction box


Equipped with hydraulic screen changer

–料斗加热功率heating power: 18Kw

–温区heating area: 4 areas


temperature control way: fully automatic temperature control


Speed adjustment: Frequency inverter

2 JDSJ-80/60 single screw extruder B# 1台

1 set

–螺杆直径Screw Dia Meter: 60mm
–螺杆材料Screw material: 38CrMoAl, nitrogen surface, polish treated–螺杆转速Screw rotate speed: 0-80r.p/min–电机AC main motor power:18.5KW–减速箱:高强度,硬齿面Gearbox Use high-strength hard-surface reduction box–换网器:液压Equipped with hydraulic screen changer

–加热功率heating power: 12Kw

–温区heating area: 3 areas


temperature control way: fully automatic temperature control


Speed adjustment: Frequency inverter

3 Glue feeder 1台

1 set

–上胶机Glue feeding tank: 1 pc
–上胶电机+上胶泵:1台(Glue feeding motor and pump: 1 set)
4 Die Unit 1套


Film (sheet) structure: 2 layer, 1 side sticky+ 1 side normal–模头结构:衣架式,方便料均匀且平整的流出.T-die design: like cloth-hanger, enable the melting material be flowed evenly from the outlet.–模头加热功率:20kwDie head heating power 20KW–加热方式:加热棒模头内加热Heating way: steel stainless heating rod

–模头宽度Die head Width 1250mm

–产品宽度:1000mm or 500mm x 2

Finished film width 1000mm or 500mm x 2


Film thickness 0.01-0.05mm

–模口间隙: 0.2mm-2mm

Gap distance 0.2mm-2mm

5 Filter part 1套

1 set

Screen changing way:Manually fast screen changer–材料:专业模具合金钢Screen changer material special alloy steel for mould–换网加热功率:6.4kwScreen changer heating power 6.4kw–分配器加热功率:4.6kwDistributor heating power 4.6kw
6 Traction system 1套

1 set

Big smooth roller: Ø450mm×1300mm–小光棍:Ø295mm×1300mmSmall smooth roller: Ø295mm×1300mm–驱动电机:2.2kwDrive motor power 2.2kw–牵引速度:60m-110m/miTraction speed 60m-110m/min


reducer motor(up&down): 0.37kw


Reducer motor(back&forth) 0.18kw

7 收卷部分
Winder Part

1 set

Automatic cutting and winding system–主电机Main motor 2.2kw–减速电机Main gear motor 0.55kw–换卷方式:刺刀切割Edge trimming device: knife cutting–切割宽度:可调节Cutting width: adjustable


Winding paper carton core dia. 76mm

8 切边系统
Side film trimming system

1 set

–电机Trimming motor power: 0.55kw
–刀Trimming cutter: 2pcs–收边滚轮Trimmed film collecting roller 2pcs
9 电器配置
-变频器:台达-台湾Inverter: Delta-Taiwan-螺杆:杭州萧山
Screw:Hangzhou(hard tooth)-温控仪表: 汇邦Temperature controller:Winpack-接触器:西门子
AC Contactor: Simens-其他电器:
正泰Other parts: Chint


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