Woven bag lamination machine

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Woven bag lamination machine

Woven bag lamination machine




This machine is Casting Lamination Compounding Machine,can accept LDPE、PP、EVA、EAA…etc lamination grade material,Use for non-woven, EPE, woven bags and paper as base material for compounding lamination.Widely used in office packaging,industrial packaging and other packaging.

Technological Process

Unwinding–material feeding–extrusion proceeding–auxilary rolling–trimming–winding

Main Data

Screw Dia. φ90 mm
L/D 33:1
Finished film width 500-700mm
Lamination Thickness 0.01-0.10 mm
Usable Resin(Coating Grade) LDPE、LLDPE、PP、EVA、EAA
Design Line Speed 100 m/min
Max. Extrusion Capacity 180kg/h
Main Motor Power 30kw
Total power 90kw
Dia.of Main Unwinding ≤φ1200 mm
Dia.of Auxiliary Unwinding ≤φ600 mm
Dia.of Winding ≤φ1200 mm
Weight 7t
Overall Dimension(L×W×H) 13000×7500×3200 mm
Power Supply 380/3/4/50(Volt/Ph/Line/Hz)

Other Data:

Working Speed:Max /80m/min,Precise Speed is based on the material

Roller Width:800mm

3、Extrusion Material:LDPE (MFR=4~15)

PP (MFR=15~25)

EVA (VA:5~20%, MFR=3~16)

EMAA, EAA (AA: 4~12%, MFR=5~14)

EMA (MA: 5~20%, MFR=5~9)

And Other Lamination Material

Extrusion resin thickness uniformity±5%

5、Heating:Electrical Heating

6、Temperature Control:Temperature Controller

7、Base material:woven bags, non-woven fabrics, EPEand paper

8、Drive Motor:Ac vector frequency conversion motor(SHANGHAI )

9、Converter:AC Vector Converter(SHENZHEN)

10、Total Power:Total Power 90kw(Using Power 40~55kw)

11、Cooling Water Supply:Temp 16~25℃,Flow Rate 80m³/h,Water Pressure ≧ 2kg/cm²

12、Air Supply:Air Pressure ≧ 6kg/cm²,Air Consumption 15m³/h

Machine Basic components

1、SJ90/33 Extruder 1 Set

2、Net Changer 1 Set

3、T-Die 2 Sets

4、Extruder vehicle 1Sets

5、Extruder & T-Die Heating Control 1 Set

6、Double Station Un-Winder 3Sets

7、composite laminating extruder 1 set

8、triming 1 set

9、Winder 1 Set

10、Winder 1 Set

11、Protection unit

12、spare parts

Detail Data

SJ90/33 Single Screw Extruder 1Set

Extrusion Capacity:For LDPE(MI=4~7,Melting Temperature 330ºC),Max Extrusion Capacity 180kg/h,Precise Capacity depend on the material and technology process.

Screw and Barrel:

1)Dia:φ90mm,L/D 33:1

2)Screw & Barrel Material:38CrMoAlA

3)Antiseptic Treatment:Nitride hard chromium plating processing and surface protection

4)Nitride Depth:0.4-0.7mm,brittleness≦Lv2

5)Heater:Ceramic Heater

6)Heating Power:27kw

7)Heating Control:5 Zone

Hard Tooth Surface Reducer:ZLYJ200-12.5-Ⅰ

1)Reduction Ratio:12.5:1

2)Forced Oil circulation lubrication

Hooper:Circulation Water Cooling

Rotation Speed:Converter Control(delta )

Drive Motor:30kw Converter Motor

Rotate Speed:5~80RPM

2、Net Changer 2Set


Type:Manual Change


Porous plate aperture:Φ3~3.5mm

Heater: 1) Heating: Ceramic outside Heating;

2) Heating Power :4.5kw;

3) Heating Zone :1 Zone;

3、T-die 2 Sets

Model:Tube Type Inside Wall Type T-Die :BJPM-850N-L(NDS)

Specification:Lip Width 850mm;Lip Gap 0.1-1.5mm(0.8mm EXW)

Heater:stainless steel heater

Power: 10kw,Heating Zone:3Zone

4、Extruder vehicle 1 Sets

Type:Motor Drive


Material:Steel welding structure

Lifting Distance:100mm


Pathway 1 Set

5、Extruder & T-Die Heating Control Box 1 Sets

Type:seperate with the machine

Temperature Control:Temperature Controller

Control :Barrel 5 Zones、Net Changer and Connector 1Zones、T-Die 3 ×2Zones,Total 12 Zones

Heat the actuators:AC Contactor or SSR

Attachments:1)Thermocouple 12 pcs

6、Un-Winder (main un-winding and vice winding )

Main un-winding

Structure Type: double -station

Diamater of the vase material: MaxØ1200mm

The type of the un-winding: magnetic powder brake

Paper Core Size:3″

Correction device: by manual

Steel roller:Ø100mm 1set

Rubber roller:Ø110mm 1 set

Attachment;1) air shaft: 2 sets

2)air cyliner: 1 set

3)tension controller :1 set

Auxiliary un-winding

Structure Type: double -station turn-over

Diamater of the vase material: MaxØ600mm

The type of the un-winding: Magnetic powder brake roll

Paper Core Size:3″

Correction device: by manual

Attachment;1) air shaft: 4 sets

2)Tension controller: 2 sets

Compounding ( three roller compounding system) 1 set

Chill Roller:φ400mm 1Pc;Matte surface hard chromium plating

Internal water spring cooling structure,With Rotary Joints

Pressing Roller:φ300mm 1Pc;Cover by Silicone Rubber, With Rotary Joints

Back Press Roller:φ295mm 1Pc;Hard chromium plating,With Rotary Joints

Guiding Roller:φ100mm 4Pcs;Surface hard chromium plating or High hardening alloy

Drive Motor:5.5kw AC Converter Motor

Drive:AC Converter


Structure:Surface friction winding,Double Line passie slide winder

Winding Diameter:Maxφ1200mm

Winder Roller:φ450,High precision plating hard chromium roller

Core Shaft:3″air shaft

Drive Motor:5.5kw AC Converter Motor

Rotate:Drive by motor and reducer

Moving:Drive by motor and reducer

Connecting film device:The new winding shaft in advance, automatic roll changing, Rodless cylinder quickly cut off

Attachment: 1) 3″air shaft 2 sets

2) operate box: 1 set

3)Adjustable air pressure type roller 1 set

Control Systerm

Entire Machine Data can set in PLC Touchscreen,PLC Control Converter,Drive by Motor

2)Traction Roller:

Compounding Chill Roller

Winder Pressing Roller and Traction Roller

Winder Roller

Drive Motor:Un-Winder、Extruder、Compounding、Traction and Winder use Converter Motor, Rotate use worm wheel braking deceleration motor


Electrical:Un-Winder、Compounding and Winder has scram button. When any one of them being pressed, all pressing roller will be open and line will stop running。

Mechanical:Install Shield and Platform in 、necessary places.


1) frequency converter: shenzhen

2)Motor: shanghai

3)correction system: guangzhou (for your option)

4)gear box: changzhou

5)other electric parts: chint



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